Hand Pan Drum Series

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Hand Pan Drum Series
1.【 Stainless Steel Material&Craft】The handpan drum is built to last with stainless steel materia,and the two deep-drawn half shells have been manual hammering and fire heat treatment by the craftsman to become a handpan drum instrument with beautiful sound and beautiful colors.Durable and sturdy.
2.【Mind-body Training】Generally played with the hands and fingers, producing beautiful sound.For beginners, the sound of mallet will be better than the sound of hands.It's difficult to play well sound with the hand.Playing the steel drum can promote the flow of people blood, make the body and mind feel relaxed and happy, improve people's mental state.
3. 【Great Gift & Widely Application】 This is an exquisite Christmas or birthday gift for friends, lovers, children, music lovers, widely used, suitable for spiritual healing, music education,prenatal education,personal meditation,release pressure, yoga practice, Zen, music therapist, performance, religious activities ,gifts and many other fields.