Steel Tongue Drum Series

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Steel Tongue Drum Series
1. 【 Stainless Steel Material&Craft】Made of Carbon Steel, coated with protective spray paint to prevent tarnishing, scratches and scratches,washable, Moisture-proof,Corrosiveness resistance,Mar-resistance,Colorfast.Handcrafted by artisans, the 13/15 tones tongue drum can produce a clean, ethereal, Buddha-like sound.
2. 【 Professional scale design solutions,simple and easy to learn】Designed according to the laws of simple scales, the same group of scales lean together,only need to remember the position of the 7 scales, easy to learn.Simple and easy to learn, with notes on the drum surface and mallets, you can use the drum sticks or fingers drum sticks to play the tank drum, follow the notes on the mallets, and through simple practice, you can play a beautiful melody, suitable for beginners even little kids, good use for children's music enlightenment.
3.【 Adopt international pitch standard】The international pitch standard is used, with a plus or minus of no more than 5 cents. so you can play and maintain the drum like a professional. Second tuning after the product is painted and shaped, the tone is more accurate.